Hey everyone....welcome to the nerdschatting podcast!

We are podbean's podcast of the week! So we're back with the usual load of nonsense that you tune in for, namely us being idiots, talking about stuff we've been watching/reading/listening to and discussing a topic; this week...it's our idiot guide to movies, TV and comic books for Summer 2017!


00:00:00 - Intro - this where we say hello

00:01:45 - RIP Powers Booth

00:03:15 - Star Trek Discovery trailer

00:11:25 - Krypton gets a series order

00:13:30 - Judge Dredd tv show

00:19:33 - The Gifted trailer

00:23:47 - Flash director possibilities

00:27:33 - Ludi Lin cast in Aquaman

00:29:36 - New mutants casting

00:30:23 - War for the Planet of the Apes trailer 3

00:34:23 - Nerd Scene 

00:45:58 - Sean Says

00:47:42 - Idiots guide to movies, TV and comic books of Summer 2017

01:24:12 - The outro and where to find us on social media.

That's the podcast!

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See you next week where Nate and Ben will be #nerdschatting and celebrating our 2nd birthday!



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