This week we are bringing you our 4th annual nerdies awards!

Let's not waste anytime and take it straight to the timestamps! 

00:00 - the intro 

02:11 - Broken News

02:50 - SPOILER - The DC crossover event Crisis on Infinite Earths surprise cameo

06:38 - Joker Oscar Nominations

11:54 - Star Trek Picard already renewed for season 2

13:44 - Westworld season 3 release date

16:59 - Altered Carbon season 2 release date

19:55 - Watchmen season 2 news

21:57 - Disney Plus European release date confirmed

24:33 - Star Wars clone wars season 7 release date and…plot hole?

28:57 - Will Star Wars Obi Wan series bring back Jar Jar Binks?

31:42 - Taiki Waititi to direct a Star Wars film?

35:37 - Scott Derrickson off of Doctor Strange 2

39:10 - could Iron Man return to the MCU? 

43:36 - Morbius trailer and how it potentially ties to the MCU

51:44 - Nerdscene (no spoilers for any big shows in this chat)

01:06:25 - The 4th annual nerdies awards

01:07:43 - Nerdies award for Biggest Surprise of 2019

01:15:08 - Nerdies award for Biggest Disappointment of 2019

01:24:33 - Nerdies award for Best Thing of 2019

01:33:54 - Nerdies award for Worst Thing of 2019

01:40:45 - Nerdies main award (AKA Lifetime achievement award for 2019 or Best actor or director or writer or movie or comic or TV show or scene or page or TV show runner or comic book writer/artist that achieved work that was critically and financially fine therefore deserving of this award in our eyes 

01:56:12 - the outro 

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone; see you in a week or two to chat about the new Amazon Prime show, Star Trek Picard.



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