Hello again everyone; summer is over, the seasons are changing and we want to talk about three movies and or tv's shows that we're looking forward to in Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2019!

Onto those much beloved timestamps:

00:00 - intro

01:05 - Broken News

01:32 - Joker wins highest award at Venice Film festival

07:55 - Spiderman MCU news

13:10 - Haley Attwell joins MI7

15:30 - Haley Steinfeld is Kate Bishop in Hawkeye 

18:45 - Game of Thrones prequel details

22:07 - Nerd Scene

43:55 - what we're watching autumn winter 2019


01:08:21 - The outro 

Date Night with Delilah - Good Omens -

Just Chatting with Mark Woodyatt -

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone.

We'll be back in a fortnight with more broken news, more nerd scene and a topic or movie review.

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