nerdschatting sdcc 2019


Hello again everyone, we're back to talk San Diego Comic Con 2019 - WOOOOOOOOOOO!

This is a bumper episode, so get comfortable, and let's get onto those timestamps.


00:00 - cold opening


00:24 - the intro


02:22 - San Diego Comic Con


04:19 - Cobra Kai taking Daniel back to Okinawa in season 3


09:50 - Brandon Routh will be Superman again in Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover (Tyler "The ButtHoechlin returns)


16:45 - IT Chapter Two


22:07 - Jay and Silent Bob Reboot


26:19 - Top Gun: Maverick Trailer


28:37 - CATS Trailer (urrrrrrgggggghhhhhh)


31:27 - His Dark Materials Trailer


33:52 - Ad Astra Trailer


35:26 - Star Trek Picard Trailer


42:16 - The Walking Dead season 10 Trailer 


45:09 - Watchman Trailer


50:19 - The Witcher Trailer


55:37 - MCU Phase 4


01:37:03 - The outro 


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Thanks again for tuning in everyone.

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