This week we are simply going to be discussing a huge amount of broken news, trailers, and nerdscene from over the festive period.

Let's not waste anytime and take it straight to the timestamps! (NEW FOR 2020, access to the episode notes!)

00:00 - the intro - who we are, what we do, random discussions - for the new listeners!

05:39 - Broken News

05:51 - The Boys season 2 trailer

10:12 - Wonder Woman 84 trailer

15:42 - Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer

19:09 - Top Gun: Maverick trailer

25:52 - Tenet trailer

31:32 - A Quiet Place 2 Trailer

37:34 - Avenue 5 trailer

40:08 - Locke and Key trailer

46:18 - Star Wars Obi Wan series looking to cast Luke and Leia?

48:43 - Daniel Radcliffe to play MoonKnight?

51:34 - Loki series looking to cast young Loki?

52:54 - Wanadvision confirmed for 2020

53:46 - New New Mutants Trailer

56:58 - Nerdscene (no spoilers for any big shows in this chat)

01:38:54 - the outro 

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone; see you in a week or two.



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