Hello and welcome back to the #Nerdschatting podcast.

Today we sit down and chat about Ready Player One, the new Steven Spielberg movie based on the book of the same name...which we haven't read! 

Check the timestamps for fun times!!

00:00:00 - Intro - you should check out MyOhMy Design for all your graphic design needs - http://www.myohmy.co.uk 

00:02:31 - Broken News
00:04:43 - Avengers channel
00:11:33 - Woody Harrelson as Carnage?
00:17:37 - Fantastic Four returning to comics

00:22:49 - Nerdscene

00:35:09 - This week's topic - Ready Player One review - NON SPOILERS

00:43:35 - Ready Player One review - SPOILERS

01:10:24 - Listener feedback on Ready Player One

01:13:22 - End of the show

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