Hello again everyone; before the UK release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, we're doing a rewind and review of the movies of Quentin Tarantino.

The one's we've seen, the ones Nate and James haven't seen and Ben can't quite remember, the one's Nate doesn't like - all of them!

Onto those much beloved timestamps:

00:00 - cold opening and intro

01:44 - Broken News

02:09 - RIP Rutger Hauer

04:41 - New Gods casting?

11:07 - Venom 2 director confirmed?

14:31 - Kevin Conroy IS BATMAN

17:19 - The Irishman trailer (Deep Fake YouTube videos from Ctrl Shift Face - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKpH0CKltc73e4wh0_pgL3g)

23:48 - NerdScene

44:18 - Tarantino Rewind and Review (You know it's a Quentin Tarantino Film IF.... - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtrVwsl1oRw)

48:16 - Reservoir Dogs

54:35 - Pulp Fiction

01:01:49 - Jackie Brown (https://youtu.be/HqxQnqclH-g - Jackie Brown Money Exchange Sequence Synchronized)

01:07:15 - Kill Bill vol1 and 2 (I know Vernita Green was Copperhead and not Cottonmouth...)

01:17:39 - Death Proof (Ben is an idiot)

01:24:36 - Inglorious Basterds

01:30:53 - Django Unchained

01:36:16 - The Hateful Eight

01:41:20 - The outro 

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone.

We'll be back in a few weeks to review Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

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