Hi everyone.

Well it continues to be a strange and scary time for us all right now. As we're housebound, we've been reading, watching and listening to lots of things, so we thought we'd give you a #nerdscene podcast! A big old list of what we've #nerdscene. 

We've again used technology to record this week, so beware some not great audio.

Basic timestamps this week, just a list of what's on we chat about.


05:51 - Broken News 

Marvel release dates 

Artemis fowl coming to Disney+ instead of cinemas 

Star Wars high republic characters 

Mando S2 teaser 

Rick and Morty s4 prt 2 

Extraction trailer 

39:25 - NerdScene 


How to Understand Israel in 60 days or less by Sarah Glidden - 

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday - 

The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday - 

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius - 

The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan - 

The Shadow rising by Robert Jordan - 

Handmaids Tale s2 - 

Tales from the Loop - 

Tales from the Loop soundtrack - 

Community - 

Transmetripolian vol 7,8,9,10 (ish) - 



Ego is the enemy – Blinklist - 

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – Blinklist - 

Straight Outta Compton - 

Guardians of the Galaxy - 

The Walking Dead – Finale?? (Beware spoilers) - 

SnowFall - 

Blue Bloods - 



The Outsider (finished) - 

The Good Liar with Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellan - 

Captain America: The Winter Soldier watch along with @WeHaveAHulkPod - 

The miracle in Medinah – how Europe won the 2012 Ryder cup  

Single issue comics  

DCeased Unkillables issue2 - 

Ascender issue 10 -  

Alienated issue 2- 

Preacher finished - 

The Underwater Welder - 

Finished Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order - 

Downloaded Batman Return to Arkham (Asylum and City) - 

Talking Sopranos with Michael Imperoli (Christopher Moltisanti) and Steve Schirripia (Bobby Bacala) podcast  ep 1 and 2 - 

Imaginary Worlds Fighting a virtual pandemic based on World of Warcraft Corrupted Blood Incident  

Do Go On - the disappearance of Bobby Dunbar  

Do Go On - the eccentricities of Howard Hughes 

Do Go On - the mystery of DB Cooper 

Criminal Conduct podcast (investigating the death of Michelle O’Connell and the murder of Eli Washtock) 

That's this weeks show. If anyone want's to talk during these awful times, we are here to listen if you want to reach out. 

All links for how to get in touch with us are available here - or below      

Thanks again for tuning in everyone; we'll be back soon. Until then, stay safe, stay in doors, listen to podcasts.

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