With the release of Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey (that's it's name right?) not exactly sweeping up at the box office (and it has NOTHING to do with it's title and apparently it's a great movie), this week we chat great movies that tanked at the box office. We chat The Batman suit reveal in Broken News and what we've seen in Nerd Scene. It's a bumper episode so on to the timestamps! 

00:00 - the intro 

02:33 - Broken News

03:14 - She Hulk news

06:05 - Loki news

10:38 - Eternals plot spoilers?

15:45 - The Mandalorian season 2 casting

19:18 - Master of the Universe voice cast revealed

22:51 - Spider Woman casting rumours

27:09 - Stranger Things season 4 trailer (ruins season 3?)

28:44 - The Green Knight teaser

31:20: - The new Bond theme (do you like it? Tell us!)

33:47 - The Batman suit reveal and potential plot

43:13 - Nerdscene (it's what we've been reading or watching)

57:45 - great movies, bad box office 

01:25:50 - the outro 

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Thanks again for tuning in everyone; see you in two weeks to chat about the something else.


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