Welcome back to the nerdschatting podcast.

Game of Thrones first aired in the US on Sunday 17th April 2011; with the UK air date on the following day. 

So, for the ninth anniversary, we are going to do a Game of Thrones retrospective, focusing on our favourite parts of the show!  

However first we will do some Broken News and then some NerdScene. So with no further ado, let's take it straight to the timestamps!

01:40 - Broken News

01:57 - RIP Brian Dennehy - JOBLO.COM tribute to the man -

03:57 - HBO MAX -

07:48 - Justice League Dark

13:06 - MCU Fantastic Four movie directed by Joss Wheedon? -

19:09 - DUNE first look images

26:00 - NerdScene

What we've seen as Nerds.... NerdScene 

Ben You – Netflix  -

Nate Portrait of a Lady on Fire -

James Knives out -

Ben Incognito – Comic by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips  - 

Nate Westworld s2 -

James Ghostbusters -

Ben Batman Arkham Asylum completed (started Arkham City)  -

Nate Frankenstein -

James Too Hot To Handle – Netflix  -

Nate A Farewell to Arms -

James Will finish Go Set a Watchmen  -

Nate Rolling Blackouts - 

Ben Hot Fuzz watch-along - - 59 minutes JB words for intro!!!!! 

Nate Stillness is the Key - 

James Black Panther -

Nate  -

James Various Blinks – Radical Collaboration, The life-changing magic of not giving a Fuck, Simplicity Parenting and the 8th Habit  -

Nate Shape of Water -

Ben Tiger King - Netflix  -

Nate Barry -

01:01:34 - Game of Thrones retrospective -

02:39:13 - The outro

That's this weeks show. If anyone want's to talk during these awful times, we are here to listen if you want to reach out. 

All links for how to get in touch with us are available here - or below:      

Thanks again for tuning in everyone; we'll be back soon. Until then, stay safe, stay in doors, listen to podcasts.

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