This episode of Nerdschatting is a Broken News special! We talk DC News, Marvel News, Star Wars News, Bond movie delays, Spielberg out of Indy 5 and The Bat Mobile reveal!

Let's not hang around anymore, let's hit the timestamps!

00:00 - The Intro

01:27 - Broken News

01:46 - RIP James Lipton from Inside the actors studio (Ben's favourite episode of the show was the interview with James Gandolfini -

03:58  - The Batman’s Batmobile 

09:17 - Jim Lee talks DC’s 5G and Dan Dididididido's departure from DC Comics

16:43 - Shang-Chi to feature a mutant?

19:35 - Marvel looking at Alison Brie for She Hulk? (James Cordon interview with Alison Brie

23:28 - Star Wars Rise of Skywalker novelisation reveals plot point omitted from the movie (Our Star Wars ROS review

25:50 - Star Wars: The High Republic details

31:20 - No Time To Die is not only going to be the longest Bond movie, it's also delayed 7 months

37:45 - Spielberg out of Indy 5, Mangold to replace? 

43:12 - Yorrick cast for Y: The Last Man tv show 

46:40 - NerdScene

46:53 - Nate's nerdscene

01:00:36 - Ben's nerdscene

01:21:45 - the outro (tell a friend about us, give us a review, all that - cheers!)

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