Welcome back to the nerdschatting podcast.

We're moving back to one podcast a week for a while. One week we'll do a topic, the next week we'll do Broken News and Nerdscene. So, here is a Broken News and Nerdscene podcast!

This week we talk Spaceforce trailers, Pirates reboots (not featuring The Rock), Tom Cruise in space, Assassins Creed Valhalla trailer and so much more!

Let's take it straight to the timestamps!

00:00 - intro
02:58 - Broken News
03:13 - RIP Irrfan Khan
04:43 - Misc Broken News
04:58 - Spaceforce trailer
10:59 - Pirates of the Caribbean reboot (not starring The Rock)
15:45 - Tom Cruise is officially an astronaut actor
18:12 - Bright 2 is coming
19:59 - WTF? Nicolas Cage will play Joe Exotic Tiger King..!! #monkeypun
23:43 - Hercules live action adaption yawn
28:01 - Assassins Creed Valhalla trailer
30:24 - Marvel Broken News
30:32 - IronHeart coming to Disney+
36:00 - Fury Files coming to Disney + this month!
39:17 - New Mutants coming to VOD?
41:59 - Star Wars Broken News
42:05 - The Mandalorian Season two director news and Taika Waititi directing a star wars movie
45:49 - In the wrong section but The Walking Dead season 10 finale teaser (BEWARE SPOILERS)

48:32 - Nerdscene featuring -
- Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut
- The truth about Amazon
- Do Go On podcast
- Taming Your Temper (Nathan is not an angry man)
- Westworld Season Finale
- Bad Education starring Wolverine
- Barry season 2
- Some of X-Men Evolution and some of X-men The Animated Series – Disney +
- You season 1 and season 2
- Star Wars Rebellion
- SAS who dares wins – Celebrity edition
- The Nobody by Jeff Lemire
- Dune by Frank Herbert
- Go set a watchmen has gone – Alex Ferguson My Autobiography is in
- A Once Crowded Sky by Tom King
- Star Wars Clone Wars and Star Wars KOTOR
- Too Hot to Handle finale
- Ducktales
- Rick and Morty s1 – 3 (episodes rated 9.0 or above on imdb) no one cares you can pay for high rates on IMDB
01:42:32 - the ending bit

That's this weeks show. If anyone want's to talk during these awful times, we are here to listen if you want to reach out. 

All links for how to get in touch with us are available here - or below:       

Thanks again for tuning in everyone; we'll be back next week, probably to do a retrospective on Ghostbusters 2!

Until then, stay safe, stay in doors, listen to podcasts.

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