Hey everyone....welcome back (or to!) to the nerdschatting podcast! Thanks for tuning in..!

We're still on holiday, so we have a second pre-recorded podcast for you! It's Ben, Nate and The Italian discussing YOUR suggestions for topics for our drinking podcast! We couldn't pick one, so we sort of...talked about what we'd do!

It kind of turned into an AMA..sort of. Make sure you follow all these guys on Twitter, their Twitter handles are listed below, next to their question.

Also, apologies for the bunny….she was making REALLY LOUD RIPPING NOISES

OK OK, on with the timestamps...

00:00:00 - Intro - we talk about being in the past...and...if Cyprus is a Greek Island..?

00:02:20 - @Daniel_Brazier - underrated stories/films/characters

00:09:14 - @CouchPotato_MVP – What franchises would we like to see get a crossover - https://couchpotatocentral.wordpress.com

00:16:24 - @sttepodcast – biggest disappointment and best ever surprise in the history of cinema

00:26:12 - @ReelFilm_Movies – In a purge/end of the world scenario, which fictional character would you have protect you and why?

00:31:54 - @JackGeekstalk – Best film character you love to hate and, conversely, hate to love!

00:40:23 - @Lucas_Whizz – Create a character/hero/villain/comic/film whatever we like. Make an origin story and first adventure

00:46:30 - @SouthDevonGeeks – If time travel were possible, what advice would you give yourself

00:56:52 - @Bash2110 – How would you take down The Batman? Once and for all…!

01:03:56 - @KenMajor83 – With TV shows being more cinematic, do you see a time when most series will be shown every two years?

01:12:48 - @neobrycee – Should heroes have secret identities or not?

01:18:54 - @InvincibleCast – What was each of your introductions to nerd culture? What shows, comics, movies influenced you?

01:27:45 - @DoctorDC – What is your favourite single issue of a comic book? Not arc, not series, just one issue that got it all right.

01:35:23 - @MGberry34 – Best comic animated series?

01:40:00 - @SuperNerds_UK – Favourite alcoholics in cinema? And for the teetotal listeners, favourite fictional soft drinks?

01:44:45 – Outro…with a secret…

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We'll be back next week with a fresh brand new podcast! Nathan will be back from his holiday and Ben will be whole again. That’s not weird, it may sound weird, but it’s not weird. Thanks for tuning in…bye!



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