Hey everyone....welcome to nerdschatting!

We're even later recording this week, however we're back with the usual load of nonsense that you tune in for, namely us being total idiots! This week we're talking some Broken News, telling you what we've been nerding out on, still keeping our promise with our new Audience Interaction Box ticking exercise of the week section, plus we quickfire review Free Fire, The Conjuring Part 2, Ben opens his MegaBox, we breakdown the Thor: Ragnarok trailer and we excitedly cast the just announced Invincible movie!

It's another packed episode so lets get to it.


00:00:00 - Intro (yet again we are ALWAYS winging it)
00:02:50 - Jude Law is Dumbledore
00:09:15 - Josh Brolin is Cable
00:15:53 - Dolph Lungdren is the king in Aquaman
00:21:45 - Carrie Fisher returning for episode 9
00:24:55 - This poster for Netflix The Punisher is fan made, and awesome
00:28:06 - John Simm returning to Doctor Who as The Master
00:31:16 - The Walking Dead TV show won't pull a Game of Thrones and overtake source material
00:35:52 - There won't be four batman movies within a year….or will there?! No…there won't!
00:38:30 - What we've been nerding out on and Ben opens his Skybound MegaBox
00:43:05 - #AIBTEOTWs
00:50:54 - Thor Trailer Breakdown
01:11:00 - Casting the Invincible movie
01:41:26 - Listener questions - sorry we couldn't answer more

That's the podcast!

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See you next week ....where Nate and Ben will LOSE THEIR MINDS over Invincible being put onto the big screen!



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