Hey everyone....welcome to nerdschatting!

We're back with the usual load of nonsense that you tune in for, namely us being total idiots!

This week we're talking some Broken News, telling you what we've been nerding out on, winging it with our new Audience Interaction Box Ticking Eexercise Of The Week Section, plus we talk Star Wars Celebration and the Last Jedi teaser trailer.

It's another packed episode so lets get to it.


00:00:00 - Intro (yet again we are ALWAYS winging it)
00:01:24 - Nate thinks the Krypton Pilot trailer looks great
00:08:19 - James Gunn returning for GotG vol 3
00:13:21 - Spiderman Homecoming continuity is stupid
00:17:18 - Spiderman animated movie finds its new star
00:22:26 - Watchmen animated film
00:26:20 - #AIBTEOTWs (we REALLY winged it this week!)
00:28:40 - Nerd Scene (where scene is spelt SCENE and is a play on the word SEEN)
00:40:25 - Star Wars Celebration chat
00:50:26 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi teaser discussion and poll result
01:04:23 - Outro - where to find us online and call us idiots

That's the podcast!

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See you next week where Nate and Ben will discuss...something else, dunno what yet!



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