Hey there everyone....welcome back to the nerdschatting podcast!

This week we are discussing Preacher Season 2, episodes 1 and 2 - with FULL SPOILERS so be warned. But first we have some Broken News, Nerd Scene and a competition to tell you all about! So let’s get to the TIMESTAMPS!!

00:00:00 - Intro - this where we say hello

00:02:04 - RIP Barry Norman

00:03:32 - Broken News

00:03:49 - DCEU Logo fun!

00:07:30 - Batman is a Crime Noir story...apparently

00:12:26 - Green Lantern has a director?

00:15:46 - Fantastic Beasts 2 starts production

Our Fantastic Beasts review


00:22:53 - InHumans trailer - meh

00:27:00 - Rick and Morty S3 release date and trailer (Our Top 5 Rick and Morty episodes from season 1 and 2 http://nerdschatting.podbean.com/e/nerdschatting-about-rick-and-morty/)

00:31:25 - Spiderman comic renumbering – Dan Slott has worked it out!


00:34:10 - Nerd Scene! Ben reviews Baby Driver!

00:48:58 - Competition Time - We have ALL THE SpiderMan stuff to giveaway! Look under the pinned Tweet on Twitter

00:52:23 - Preacher Season 2, episode 1 and 2 review. SPOLIERS!

01:16:18 - The outro and where to find us on social media. Check out Brit Pod Scene on Twitter https://twitter.com/britpodscene 

That's the podcast!

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See you next week where Nate and Ben will be #nerdschatting about SpiderMan Homecoming (If Nate has had the chance to see it!)


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