Hey everyone....welcome to nerdschatting!

We're back with the usual load of nonsense that you tune in for, namely us being idiots, talking about stuff we've been watching/reading/listening to.

This wee, and as usual, we're discussing Broken News, Nerd Scene, #AIBTEOTWs and we review Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


00:00:00 - Intro (you know what this bit is)
00:01:23 - The Dark tower trailer
00:04:54 - Defenders trailer
00:09:45 - Star Wars 9 and Indy release dates
00:14:31 - Have Lego reveal the look of Steppenwolf?
00:17:42 - Josh Gad teases the penguin (maybe in a Nightwing movie?)
00:21:25 - NBC has quietly shuffled away powerless
00:22:02 - He-man release date confirmed (no script, director or actors linked..)
00:23:22 - Bruce Willis and Sam LJ confirmed for Unbreakable sequel GLASS
00:28:48 - Nerd Scene
00:39:20 - AIBTEOTWs
00:40:36 - Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 review
01:06:09 - The outro and where to find us on social media.

That's the podcast!

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See you next week where Nate and Ben will be #nerdschatting about something else!



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