Hey there everyone....welcome back to the nerdschatting podcast!

This week Nate gets to tell us all about part 1 of the Geoff Johns run on Green Lantern. He’s very excited about this, and wants you to know it!!

We also chat Broken News, Nerd Scene and Jimbob Squarepants is with us again to tell us all about an unfortunate Twitter incident with Mark Millar himself! Plus we announce the winner of the Wonder Woman pop vinyl figure! 

It’s a busy show so, onto the TIMESTAMPS!!

00:00:00 - Intro - this where we say hello

00:02:00 - Farewell to Adam West

00:04:48 - Broken News

00:28:54 - Nerd Scene!

00:38:39 - We announce the winner of the Wonder Woman Pop Vinyl! New competition coming on Monday to win Volume 1 of Paper Girls by Brian K. Vaughan - follow us on Twitter for details!

00:41:53 - Jimbob’s unfortunate Twitter incident (due to the idiocy of Ben)

00:51:12 - Part 1 of Nate chatting about Geoff Johns Green Lantern run, starting with Rebirth from 2004/5

01:40:03 - The outro and where to find us on social media.

That's the podcast!

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See you next week where Nate and Ben will be #nerdschatting about something else!


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