Hey everyone, welcome back or hello for the first time! Welcome to #nerdschatting.

As it's Valentines Day, we thought we'd celebrate it by talking about ours and your favourite comic book couples!

Now, on with the TIMESTAMPS!

00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:22 - No more Batfleck? Is this news? It's a rumor. Do we care, probably?
00:07:18 - Buffalo Bill joins Jurassic World 2
00:09:24 - Star Trek Discovery casting and are these the new SPOILERS
00:12:40 - Sophie Turner coming back as Jean Grey
00:17:17 - Loads of Marvel concept art
00:25:34 - GOTG Vol 2 scores 100% in test screenings...what does this mean?
00:27:55 - Iron Fist Trailer
00:31:10 - Avengers Infinity War begins production
00:36:30 - Free giveaway - win a signed copy of the Art of Jock
00:39:13 - Favourite Comic Book couples
00:49:45 - Social Media interaction - your favourite comic book couples
01:00:39 - Outro, where to find us on the socials

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See you next week for....something else..?!


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